Switch between two graphics solutions

I have a laptop, based on Uniwill 259EN3, with two graphics solutions. One integrated Intel GMA900 for endurance and one Nvidia GeForce Go 6600 256MB for 3D performance. You switch between them with a hardware switch before boot. Only one graphics solution is visible to the OS at any time.

X-server fail to start every time I have switched graphics. I have used SaX2 and made two separate ‘xorg.conf’ and manually link to them, so I don’t have to run SaX2 again and again, but I would like to automate the process of selecting the appropriate ‘xorg.conf’.

I have found a solution for another distro; Arch Linux Forums / Uniwill 259EN3 Dual VGA - problem solved, but I don’t know how to make this work for openSUSE. I haven’t even found where to check which graphics solution is active.

Does anyone have a solution for a noob with no scripting experience?