Swerdna, I just wanted to say thank you for your webpage. I haven’t actually used any of your info yet, but I spent awhile yesterday poking around to see what was there, and it’s some of the best written linux explanatory material that I’ve encountered anywhere.

I categorize myself at this point as an “advanced noob” WRT linux. :slight_smile: I can handle very basic problems and can usually get the info I need via a google search pretty reliably, but I can feel the presence of gaps in my fundamental knowledge of some basic Linux concepts.

Just skimming through a few of your howtos yesterday I see that you do a fine job of putting up instructions that are more than just lists of “do this from terminal, paste this here, click this” – you do a great job of explaining why the commands are needed, and what they are doing. I also appreciate your links to more detailed info on some topics. I learned a couple of key things from you while reading your explanations of how to fix problems I don’t even have.

So anyway, thanks for the great work – I’m sure I’ll be spending more time on your site in the future.

And while I’m here, let me commend this forum in general. My move to openSUSE was as much curiosity as need – I’m pretty sure I could have fixed the problem that 8.10 caused on my laptop with a little bit of effort.

However, the atmosphere of the community here, and specifically Swerdna, oldcpu, caf4926, and others who I apologize for surely forgetting, really helps make openSUSE a keeper, at least for me.


Well thank you for the compliments @converted, they’re much appreciated. That site of mine is quite difficult to maintain, never enough time, but messages like yours make it easier.

I’m sure oldcpu, caf4926 and the many others unmentioned are chuffed to be complimented too (1 2)

Most of the (desperate and dateless) volunteer team that makes this Forum work are also “advanced noobs” like you, just been around a bit longer, made all the same mistakes, and had to reinstall fifty times too. We hope to make the sojourn for you and others in openSUSE an enjoyable one, or at least not too frustrating.


What an appropriate name.

And how nice it is to have such positive feedback. Swerdna has every reason to be proud of himself. His pages have been a help to me for sure and I often refer them in making replies in the forum.

Did you notice he used Quanta to jig it up! Nice One swerdna;)

Totally agree there! Great work.