Swap suse boot disk and windows boot disk works?

I am wondering how many people successfully boot from hot swap drives?

For example, remove the windows boot disk, put in a suse boot disk, boot and run suse.

Then later, turn off the computer, remove the suse boot disk, put in a windows boot disk, boot and run windows.

There are several hot swap racks available, like Bytecc, Kingwin, Startech, and Icy Dock.

Does your system do this? Which racks work best? Which do not work? Are there any other problems to watch for?

For that matter, unless you want to mount your systems on disks that are permanently in your rack, why not just have your boot files and partitions <plus> the OS on the same disk? In other words install your entire Windows including boot on a removable disk. Install your openSUSE including boot on another removable disk. Swap the disks in and out when changing OS, and since the boot for that particular OS is on the same disk, there is less chance for error and confusion.

You can use any hardware with removable disk bays, extra features are just that… extra.