Swap Partition Reporting


I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post my question so please correct me if I am off.
The question stems from VMWare Workstation reporting issues with the amount of system swap space. When I look at the swap partition, it is ~12Gig in size, but top is reporting ~2Gig as well as /proc/swaps.
Now, initially that was the size of the swap space, but I used GParted to remove an unused partition and increased the swap to 12Gig. I am guessing I did something wrong with the increasing of the swap space, but I am not sure what I need to change so the kernel sees the full space.



I guess I was able to finally get the system to see the new swap space. I had to actually delete the partition and then create a new partition. I am guess that once I created the new partition…and GUID that the new GUID somehow caused the kernel to see the whole partition.

I think if you had just run:

sudo mkswap /dev/sdaX

(changing “/dev/sdaX” to the appropriate device)
that would have been sufficient. There’s probably information about the size of swap in the header information that is set by “mkswap”, and just resizing the partition didn’t alter that. You should disable swap (with “swapoff”) before that “mkswap”.