swaks:Different file types as attachment

I try to include different type of files when sending mail with swaks (Swiss Army Knife for SMTP).
html as body and pdf as attchments.


Subjects="The subject of mail"
Attach=" --attach-type application/pdf --attach=file1.pdf --attach=file2.pdf --attach=file3.pdf"

swaks --attach-type text/htm" --body "$Signatur" --to "$To" --server "$Server" --auth-user "$From" --auth-password "$Passw" -tls --tls-protocol tlsv1_3 --h-Subject "$Subjects" "$Attach"

With pdf as attchments the html file is not formatted in the received e-mail, but with all the fortmatting hyper text (like
and so on) in plain text.
Without pdf attchments the e-mail got formated as html with fonts, colors and links.

Is it possible to have formatted text as body and attacments in swaks?

Log of body when sending mail with both html as body and attached pdf (resulting mail with
and so on)

 ~> Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_MIME_BOUNDARY_000_15946" ~> 
 ~> ------=_MIME_BOUNDARY_000_15946
 ~> Content-Type: **text/plain**
 ~> <!DOCTYPE html>
 ~> <html>
 ~> <body>
 ~> <font size="-1">Hej,<br>
 ~> <br>
 ~> Här kommer 

… and without pdf, if swaks command is left out with the “$Attach” (nice mail but without pdf-attachments)

~> Content-Type: **text/html**
 ~> <!DOCTYPE html>
 ~> <html>
 ~> <body>
 ~> <font size="-1">Hej,<br>
 ~> <br>
 ~> Här kommer 


The Swaks “Occasionally Asked Questions” has the following –

Another interpretation of this question is “How do I send email which has an HTML-encoded body”. This means sending an email that your MUA will display as HTML. The following should work.

swaks --attach-type text/html --attach-body @report.html

See the documentation for --attach-body for more information.

Hello, and thanks.
Yes, that works perfectly. But when pdf also is attched with that body, the body stop working.
swaks sends the body as text/plain instead of text/html.

html as body is working

swaks --attach-type text/html --body sign.html --to you@example.com --server smtp.example.com:587 --auth-user "me@example.com" --auth-password "123abc" -tls --tls-protocol tlsv1_3 --h-Subject "Test"

…but same with pdf attached won’t work. html as body sends as text/plain

swaks --attach-type text/html --body sign.html --to you@example.com --server smtp.example.com:587 --auth-user "me@example.com" --auth-password "123abc" -tls --tls-protocol tlsv1_3 --h-Subject "Test" --attach-type application/pdf --attach 1.pdf

And with “–attach-body @1.pdf” ?

with @ before pdf the bode is still in plain text (with hypertext like <br>), but the attached pdf is in the beginning of the mail, before body.
edit: tested with body, both body and attachment, and only attachment

EDIT2: Working :open_mouth: THANKS Missed --***attach-***body
It’s working, you’re the best.