SW Installer

How can I prevent the “Software Installer” YaST2 from closing after each SW install?

I would like to keep it open until I have finished all installs which may not be in a single batch install.

Why don’t you try using zypper from the terminal/console instead?

zypper install --type package pkg1 pkg2 pkg3

This won’t refresh the repos each time, and is usually faster than Yast. See “zypper --help” for more information.

Use software management from the YAST Control Center. When it finishes installing a selection of packages, it will prompt you to install more packages.


That was exactly the functionality I was looking for.


You can set the behaviour in Yast - System - /etc/sysconfig editor.
Search for “PKGMGR”. It will give you one result, the option “PKGMGR_ACTION_AT_EXIT”. Change it’s value to “summary”. This way the software installer will always show you a summary of what it has done, and always give the opportunity to return to the installer. That’s what you want, don’t you?