SVN with NFS - Stale file handles?


I have a following problem:
SVN working copies (not the SVN repository!) in home directories, mounted over NFS and autofs from central server. We recently upgraded work machines to openSuSE 11.1 and operations on SVN working copies (“svn up”, etc.) fail due to svn error: “Stale NFS file handle”. With many-many repeats, one is able to progress in operations (though I was never able to finish).

It was working OK on openSuSE 10.2, but is not on 11.1. It is clearly NFS related (files residing locally on given work OK with SVN). We access SVN over svn+ssh.

Any idea?
Kernel, AMD and Intel x64 systems.
SVN version 1.5.7 (r36142).
NFS is that one distributed with openSuSE 11.1.

The operation that seem to fail is very fast changing of user rights on SVNed files (locking of files - rw to ro and back).

NFS mounts are exported as “rw,async,squash_root” and imported with “nolock”. Using “no_subtree_check” was not working (resulted in read-only mounts) and changing “nolock” to “lock” was not helping either.

Thank you.

File sharing has not worked for me since changing clients from OpenSuse 10 to 11.1. Just a note to say you’re not alone.