svn + Network Service Configuration (xinetd)


I’m brand new to Linux so please forgive me if these are stupid questions. Anyway here we go…

I tried to get svn started using “rcsvnserve restart” and got a “port already in use” error. After turning off svn in the xinetd window I could then successfully do a “rcsvnserve restart”.

This brings a host of questions from my naivety:

Is the svn service in xinetd the same service that rcsvnserve was trying to start but couldn’t?

If so, why couldn’t it stop the already running service so that it could restart it? For that matter why didn’t it give a “could not stop service” type error?

Last, assuming it’s the same service, should I set the service to “on” in xinetd or always do it through the command line? If through the commandline, how do I set it so that it starts on bootup instead of me doing it all the time? If through xinetd can I assume that setting it “on” there will automatically include it in bootup?

Sorry for all the questions on what is probably a very simple thing.


You can run a service from xinetd or by itself, but not both. So either enable svnserve or use xinetd, but not both.

When you tried to run svnserve by itself the provess noticed that the some process was using the port already, but it didn’t know that it was xinetd doing it. Only you, the system manager, can sort it out.

Thanks, I got it, xinetd is special thing for security (did a bit of reading) etc.

Two last questions:

If using xinetd will it automatically start the service on bootup?

If I don’t use xinetd how do I automatically start the service on bootup?