SVN installation


Can anyone please point me to a download of Subversion? It seems they do not cater for SuSE and all I can find are distro-tailored versions of it.



Subversion is already there in the depositories. Either install from Yast or do the following from command line (as root):

zypper install subversion

Many thanks. I was looking for “svn” in the repositories, so could not see it initially.

Hello everyone,

i have installed svn through Yast and can run it on local and through svn:/// + file:/// .

now i want to have svn run automatically at start up …

i pointed out xinetd for this and added a new item with the followings set

service = svnserve
rpc-Version =
X service is active
Socket-Typ = stream
Protocoll = tcp
Wait = no
User = root
Grup = Standard
Server = usr/bin/svnserve
Server-Argument = -i

but it does not start svnserve after a login of root.

what should i do to automatically run svnserve ?


made a new

If you just want to connect to other SVN servers (as client only), you don’t need to run svn service.

If you want svn service to run automatically at boot, you may configure them using rc scripts or inserv command. The easier option is to use Yast and edit the “run level”. Go to the “expert mode” and enable svnserve at run levels 3 (text only login with network enabled) and 5 (graphical login).

Hi back,

I tried yast -> run level -> expert mode -> run level 3 & 5 -> enable svnserve

i get a “yes*” at activation column. At the description it is written as readonly access to the subversion repository.

When i give a try at this situation svn client fails with the "target machine actively refused it "

any idea ?

what about ixnetd ? cant it help to automatically start svn at every boot…


It should start automatically at boot if you have already enabled it via yast tools for runlevel 3 and 5. Did you try after rebooting? xinet is not needed for this service.

Also, you can do the following from the command line to start/stop/restart (as root).

rcsvnserve start
rcsvnserve stop
rcsvnserve restart