Svn and Kde svn client

Dear all,
I would like to ask you if you have ever used kde svn client
I am trying to see how I can save the repository + the working directory.

Right now I have every time to press check out and keep copy paste the repository address and the local working path.

Is that possible?


Hello alaios,

I don’t think that’s possible because the checkout option is to checkout repositories and not for updating.

I assume you want to update the to the latest revision.
If so then checkout isn’t the right option since that’s for creating a working copy.
You should use update, to do this right-click on a repository on the left side of the KDE svn window.
And select the option “Update to head…”.

Best of luck!:wink:

Exactly…but when you turn off your kdesvn … then next time everything is blank.
And then you need one again to configure the checkout and write user name and password.

My idea was to have an easy way to open the last settings (svn sernver, checkout directory, user name and password)

Hello alaios,

You don’t need to run checkout again, once you’ve ran checkout you’ll have a working copy.
When you start KDEsvn you only have to open the directory where you checked the svn repository out.

AFAIK the option Settings->Quick Settings->“Load last opened URL on start” does that.

Good luck!:wink: