svg format recognition failure

Hello, I am getting stuck for a problem related to the lack of Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) recognition.

I am using openSUSE 10.3 x86_64.

Both ggreeter than screenlets fail to open or recognize svg files.

Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file '/usr/share/gdm/themes/…svg

By trying to start screenlets-manager from console I have not SVG library or module installed correctly, screenlets reports that RSVG module is not present and also there is lack of python gconf.

But I have both librsvg than python-gconf installed.

I suppose the problems are caused by a previous software-update, wherein I had GNOME:STABLE enabled among the repositories so I dowloaded some pkgs that are not compliant with the default 10.3.

Note: I can open svg files with any of graphic viewer of my system; the lack is located at O.S. level.

I would like some hints to resolve this problem.


Some applications will recognise .svg but for now use ImageMagick to create a .jpg or .png version.

To launch ImageMagick open a console and enter

Hi John, my problem is not related to application itself, but on the overall file-system which, probably has been messed up after a software update.

Probably some libraries are not correctly installed or are of a wrong version, or even are lacking.
That’s the theme I am investigating on.

TKS for your reply.

Problem solved!:slight_smile:

I enabled again GNOME:STABLE repository and I updated several gnome, gtk, and python pkgs, but gdm, which I left as older version:


I noticed that a new SVG pkg was get brand new installed:


rsvg-view was not installed and I never found it into the official repositories.

Now I can both see the SVG themes from within gdm-themes, as use screenlets-manager without any problems.

By the way I would like to know if others opensuse 10.3 users are using the newer versions of gnome pkgs, including gdm as those available from GNOME:STABLE.

Thanks to the openSuSE Community.


rsvg does not handle some important SVG features such as flowParagraphs; it’s better to use inkscape’s built-in converter for generating bitmaps.