Suspension Issues


I have a fresh install of OpenSUSE 11.0 GNOME.

My problem is that when I suspend my computer, my laptops fan stops, but my hard drive is still performing tasks. In addition, my network card shows activity.

What’s more, when I come back from suspension I can use my computer but the fan will no longer run for the whole session, until I reboot.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO L7300 Laptop.

How could I resolve this issue and make Suspension function as Standby would in Windows XP?


Next to double checking your current power(save) setting you could test if the laptop is capable of a full suspend by opening a terminal console, getting root rights with ’ su - ’ and entering ’ s2ram -f ’ or ’ s2ram -f -a 3 '.

Have a read here for more suggestions on what to do, particularly the paragraph ‘Triggering suspend manually’ (almost at the bottom): Pm-utils - openSUSE
This information is valid for openSUSE 10.3 and up, previous versions work with s2ram - which also has a link on the page.

hope that helps,