Suspend to RAM problem.


I’m having the following problem with a system we have running OpenSUSE 13.1 64 bit. That when the user selects sleep mode about 3/4 of the time it seems to lock solid on resume.

The system is running on an Intel S2600CP server board with dual Xeon processors and an Nvidia graphics card (with the Nvidia binary driver).
When the system is put into sleep mode and then powered back on the machine appears to come back on, the fans spin up and then down and nothing further seems to happen. The dual monitors stay in standby mode.

I also tried connecting remotely to the system in case it was just a problem with re-initialization of the graphics card, but could not connect.

This machine was recently updated from 12.3 and did not have this problem before the upgrade.

I have tried the suggestion from this thread :

This doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem.

How can I go about trying to fix this ?