Suspend To Ram on T61p

Hy everybody,

I read the instructions for s2ram and tried the
s2ram -f -X X commands.
s2ram -f -a3 works fine.

But if I right click on KPowersave and press Suspend
to Ram I got an error message.

  • How can I set this command to be excecuted form

  • How can i get the supsend to ram and disk buttons
    into the KMenu? I tried already to edit ksmserverrc

(I am using openSuse11 and a Lenovo T61p 8889 ALG)

Put your s2ram command string into a text file called /etc/config.d/config

More info here.

Many Thanks, that works,
i have created a file /etc/pm/config.d/config
and added one line:
S2RAM_OPTS="-f -a 3"
After that, i can suspend via right mousebutton
on KPowersave.

Do have probably any idea, how to enable
this funktionality if i close the lid
of the notebook?

Right-click on KPowersave icon:

Configure KPowersave > General Settings > Button Events

Set ‘Lid close Button’ to ‘Suspend to RAM’

That works. Many Thanks for your help !