Suspend to ram not initiated by lid close after last online update

My laptop (Dell Latitude E6400) running OSE11.3(32bit) won’t suspend to ram when the lid is closed after last weeks kernel update. It happily suspends if I use “Sleep” in the “Battery monitor” plasmoid, and happily wakes up afterwards. The power management settings are the same as before (stating that it has to sleep when the lid is closed). The /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state also happily detects that the lid is closed.


  1. Anyone else has similar issues?
  2. Anyone knows what else can be checked to fix this WITHOUT breaking anything else?
  3. Anyone knows which part of the update could have caused this?


P.S. I couldn’t find any recent report in forum or bugzilla related to this particular problem appearing after last update. Sorry if I missed it, please point me to the right link if you know one.

Check on Power Management’s Edit Profiles if it is assigned correctly!!