Suspend to Disk works but does not power off (opensuse 11.2)


My system does not power off completely after I trigger the “suspend to disk” function. The monitor gets blank and the usb-mouse does not light anymore, but the power led is still on and the pc fans can be heared.

Interestingly, neither pressing the power button nor the reset button starts the pc in this state. I have to unplug the electrical power and then press the power button. After that, the system resumes nicely from the hibernation state as it should.

I know that the hardware itself is capable of powering off because it worked perfectly before with opensuse 10.2, and I didn’t change any bios settings either.

I tried the option acpi=force, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

There is a fairly widespread problem with kernel
It is described in bugzilla at
It prevented my system from shutting down correctly, or suspending to ram. It may be causing your suspend to disk problem.
You might be able to get around it by going back to kernel, or installing the latest kernel from Index of /repositories/Kernel:/openSUSE-11.2/openSUSE_11.2/i586


I tried to update my kernel, but zypper didn’t offer me new kernel versions. And trying a manual install led to some incompatibility issues.

I found another solution: in /etc/suspend.conf I inserted the line:

shutdown method = shutdown

Now my PC powers off after suspend to disk again.