suspend-to disk or ram in rc1


Has anyone tested suspend-to-disk or suspend-to-ram with kde4 in rc1? None of them work for me. I have upgraded the system to the latest one.

When I try to suspend-to-disk, I got error code 1 in Kpowersave prompt; when I try to suspend-to-ram, I got error code 127.

If I try to use any of them from “start menu”, nothing happens just I did not click anything.

Where can I upload a log file in forum? I will link the log once I uploaded somewhere.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

log of suspend-to-disk:
YeaSt@life_of_TECHIE_guy:~#: log file of suspend-to-disk

log of suspend-to-ram:
YeaSt@life_of_TECHIE_guy:~#: log file of suspend-to-ram


Probably not much help but I had a lot of problems with suspend / resume on KDE.

I have been on gnome for a week and my suspend to ram on lid close has been flawless.

I know this doesnt really help but maybe tells you that its specific to KDE?

Thax, maybe this is a bug in KDE4. I will wait for some other’s suggestion.

error 127 should mean that it is not KDE’s fault, as mentioned in the logs. Have a look at: