Suspend & Resume to black screen using Kernel 6.6.6 and latest NVIDIA repo drivers

Suspend and resume brings me to a black screen. In the initial case resume brought up a fresh desktop as if there was no resume session restored. The consequent suspend and resumes landed to a black screen. Additionally I wasn’t able to get any change running the 6.6.3 kernel. This may not be an OpenSuse issue, but I’m writing to let others know what NVIDIA repo packaged driver combination worked ok on the 6.6.6 kernel while this gets sorted out.

So I downgraded my nvidiaG06-545.29.06-18rpm packages to nvidiaG06-545.29.02-18rpm packages.

sudo zypper --no-refresh in -f /var/cache/zypp/packages/NVIDIA/x86_64/*545.29.02*

I’m using the NVIDIA official repo with cache set to save all downloads (for times like this) as NVIDIA doesn’t seem to keep previous drivers in the repo.

I’m using an NVIDIA GTX 1050ti video card, i10-10th gen processor.

After downgrading the NVIDIA drivers down one from the latest as of now, suspend and resume is restored again.

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