Suspend Randomly Logging User Off

I’m not exactly sure how to reproduce this problem but I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I don’t have this issue on Leap 15.2 or 15.3 RC, but sometimes when I’m logged in and I close my laptop lid on Tumbleweed, it will have logged me off and it brings up the GDM login screen. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Simply closing the laptop lid doesn’t seem to cause the issue, it comes back from suspend with the screen locked as it should. I thought it could be time related so I closed it for 20 minutes to test it and it still worked correctly. It just seems random. I’m a GNOME user. I’ve tested SDDM with KDE Plasma and it doesn’t have this issue, only with GDM and GNOME. I’ve also reinstalled Tumbleweed many times thinking I may have something configured incorrectly, but it’s always the same. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Just a quick follow-up with some additional information from testing. Yesterday I switched to GNOME on X11 and tested for a while with no logout issues. Thinking this may be Wayland related, I then switched back to a regular GNOME login to test. I didn’t experience any logout issues with Wayland yesterday either. It should be noted that I wasn’t doing anything in particular to test the issue, I was just using my laptop normally. I used it, closed the lid to do something else for a bit, then resumed using it. No issues.

This morning I decided to be a little more thorough in my testing so I logged into a GNOME session and closed the lid for 1 hour. I opened the lid and it had logged me out and was on the GDM login screen. I then logged in a GNOME on X11 session and closed the lid. I opened it 1 hour later and it displayed the locked screen for me to unlock my session. It did notice that the screen flashed for a brief second when I opened it and then when off, but I just pressed any key and the screen came up with the locked session to log into. This makes me think it could be Wayland related, but I don’t know.

I still haven’t found a solution to this issue, but I believe I may have narrowed down the cause. Today when I opened my laptop lid it had me logged off as usual, but on one of the TTYs it had the message:

rtw_8821ce 0000:02:00.0 no suspend buffer for PTM

This is my WiFi card, which apparently has something to do with it.