Suspend(or Hibernate)/Resume --> Lose PCMCIA and get verySlow Power Manager access

This seems to be the last remaining problem to configure Linux on my laptop.

After Resume from Suspend or Hibernate has some awkward side effects in terms of partially disabling Power Management functions (very slow to load the CP and very slow response to Power button). Also the PCMCIA Cardbus cards cease to work until a reboot. Reinserting the cards makes them show up in the System Monitor but they are inactive until reboot.

I thought of trying to uninstall pm-utils in favour of something else but it seems drastic and Software Manager tells me I would have to uninstall HAL etc

Just to recap - before Suspend everything is fine.

Helpful assistance would be most appreciated :wink:

OpenSuse Gnome 11.2 / Dell Inspiron 4100 (aka Latitude C640)