suspend on power button on desktop

Hi, am trying to configure an openSUSE 13.1 install on a desktop PC to suspend (to RAM) when pressing the power button. pm-utils are installed and /etc/systemd/logind.conf is set up as


Nothing happens though when pressing the power button. acpid is not installed and LXDE is running - there is no Xfce, KDE or GNOME installed so no power management applets should be interfering here). I don’t see anything logged in /var/log/messages when pressing the power button either and I’m uncertain where to look further. As always, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Forgot to mention that when calling

systemctl suspend

it suspends as it should and can be woken up with a press of the power button. Now I’d need for this to be called when pressing the power button.

In the end the solution was pretty straightforward - apparently the power button doesn’t register as PowerKey but as suspendKey, HibernateKey or LidSwitch - haven’t taken the time to figure out which one exactly but setting them all to suspend and uncommenting them resulted in a suspend on pressing the power button.