suspend on Desktop results on bòack screen

I use frequently on my laptop the “suspend” function of opensuse 11.2.

I would like to use the “suspend” function on my desktop too running an opensuse 11.1 with default kernel, but when I restart the machine the monitor is black and the only solution is to reboot it.

Is it possible to use the “suspend” on desktop?
Where is it possible to get the information to make it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the mis-typing the title is:

suspend on Desktop PC results on black screen

Press the power switch briefly and then do a mouse click to bring up the login and it will resume. I found that, under 11.1, the time taken to resume was longer than the time taken to reboot after turning the machine off. But on 11.2 it’s very much quicker and suspend is now worth using.

I did so but probably I do not wait for the wake up long time enough.
nothing should be done after a standard installation to have suspend working correctly.
In other words what should be checked to verify that suspend are working correctly?

If you do not eventually get a response to the mouse click, it probably isn’t working properly - as it always worked eventually for me, I don’t know what would be different if it did not work - other than that I would not get a response after several mouse clicks.

Very fuzzy behaviour in 11.2. If the suspend is for less then 2 minutes it works if the suspend lasts for more then 2 minutes (not mesured…) it doesn’t work the monitor remains black