Suspend issues

I have a Dell Latitude E6500 with OpenSuSE 11.2 64bit installed. This laptop is dual core and has 8GB RAM.

The issues is when I’m attached to my docking station, I can suspend to RAM. However, when I am not attached to the docking station, I get an error in that the following section of /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/10NetworkManager is incorrect:

dbus-send --system                         \
    --print-reply --reply-timeout=200      \
    --dest=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager  \
    /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager        \

It says the sleep module is not correct, or missing signature.

This is a problem for me as I cannot suspend my laptop for my bike commute home and end up having to shutdown my laptop.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve googled the error and the dbus call and have no idea what the correct call should be.


Dave h

If I understand that your network is not restoring properly on resume… you might try switching over to WiCD as a network manager. This move fixed a lot of wireless and also networking issues for me.

It may be the network connection isn’t being properly unloaded/reloaded on suspend.

Try using traditional ifup in Network Settings (Global Options tab I think).

Then on resume, if necessary, use these 2 commands

sudo ifdown eth0

sudo ifup eth0

If using wireless then find out first whether eth0 is its name in the config settings and if not then substitute wlan0 or ra0 or whatever the name your wireless card is being given.

Also worth checking out is s2ram package - called suspend in openSUSE repo.

Worth a shot maybe.