suspend hook (pm-utils)

I’m trying to run a script just before my laptop suspends (to mute sound so that I can safely resume in a quiet place… funny story…). Placing the script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ (as suggested at various places) doesn’t seem to work. I think pm-utils is no longer used? When googling, the most recent I found was 2014, where they suggested using pm-utils, but also said it was deprecated. /var/log/pm-suspend.log showed only entries from October 2015.

So how do I run scripts upon suspend/resume (hibernate/thaw)?

As you’ve selected ‘Other Version’ you should really state which version you’re using. The last few versions of openSUSE are using systemd, and so pm-utils has long since gone. It is possible to write custom service unit files that can achieve suspend/resume actions if necessary.

Some useful references…

I’m run openSUSE 13.2
Thank you very much for the links, not sure why they didn’t pop up in my own search results. I should manage now (as I believe systemd is used).