Suspend bug

Well, sometimes when I suspend my laptop and try to reconnect to my acount the screen get full of letters(it’s like a terminal) and the last sentence is linux login: but I cant do anything I have tried ctrl+alt+f7 but nothing can be done…Any ideas?

What do you mean with “and try to reconnect to my acount”?
Do you mean hitting any key to unsuspend/resume?

“screen get full of letters”
Any thing that could be read? or just FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF or like that?

You can try to run:
sudo dmesg

Just after you laptop resumes and then post that output here to have a look

Also you can ALT+CTRL+F10 to see kernel messagers (I think)

PD: it would be great if you read WELCOME to LAPTOP thead area and post more info about you HW and someone would be able to help you more…

my laptop is a acer aspire 5742g… the screen if full of letters which can be read I open the lid and try to unsuspend my laptop with the power button but nothing can be done nor commands nor anything else

Here you have lot of help about suspend and troubleshooting:
SDB:Suspend to RAM - openSUSE
(have a look ant the end on the “external links”)

isnt there any other way to do that? I mean it’s a bug it cant be fixed?

LiNuXReVoLUTioN wrote:

> isnt there any other way to do that? I mean it’s a bug it cant be fixed?
A bug can only be fixed if it is reported as such with sufficient
information. Did you report it or is it reported already by someone, did you
add your infos to the bug report? The forum is not the right place for it,
since the developers are not here.

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