suspend and usb access problems in userspace

I am having a challenge with both suspend/hibernate and usb storage device access (usb stick) which appears to be a problem around policy kit and HAL. The symptoms:

  1. usb device detection works fine for both root and “normal” users.
  2. usb device access in KDE 4x Dolphin shows the error message
    “org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure: lsCallerPrivileged() failed”
  3. suspend to RAM and suspend to disk works fine but only in the root user context

I checked the users credentials and the policy kit settings. I have the same behaviour with a freshly created “normal” test user (group “users”). I also digged through numerous documentation pages but without success. Can anybody help me with this issue? The system is a Dell inspiron 6400 with opensuse 11.1 and KDE 4.3. I am pretty shure that these issues are hardware-independent and don’t have anything to do with kde 4.3 (it didn’t work on 4.2 either). Something is misconfigured here …

Thanks, Thomas