Susie Vs Fredora - GNOME

Could anyone give a detailed comparison.

You must mean

openSUSE and Fedora


They are both great OS’s

Enough said.

milojb wrote:
> Could anyone give a detailed comparison.

who are Susie and Fred?


Maybe some distant cousins of “Alice and Bob”?

Sorry, bad typing mistakes.

However, you do know whaty I mean, :slight_smile:

Frequently Asked Questions - Is it better to <foo> or not

I don’t lke that FAQ.

Sorry folks
We had to move this, it’s nothing to do with applications.

Fedora is utter trash, breaks every update, they actually have Bill Gates secretly leading all their development while consulted by Beelzebub himself all while sacrificing virgins to dark entities!

Whilst in comparison openSUSE is developed by angels singing in a chorus while fluffy little sheep stroll on endless pastures living out their lives in happiness and fulfillment.

Also, using Fedora kills baby seals. Think of the baby seals?

I guess I better switch to Fred and see if I can save some virgins (don’t care about the seals and the sheep seem to be safe for now).

Chrysantine wrote:
> all while sacrificing virgins

i never sacrificed one, cured a few…


I wear a fedora while I am working on my OpenSuSE machine, which uses GNOME as its GUI. So in answer to the stupid question about which GNOME is better, I would have to say the one I use of course.

Mmmm. Not seen “cured virgin” on sale in the local supermarket. Plenty of ham there.

virginity is a condition which can be treated, overcome, solved,
cured, etc… :wink:

i first saw it on the ‘business card’ of a fighter pilot just back
from war, last century…it was like:

Captain Firstname M. Lastname, USAF
Combat Fighter Pilot
Wars fought and virgins cured


Curing virgins is the right thing to do! rotfl!
Help them out of their unfortunate position.

… “by putting them into a more fortunate one” one might add (position that is ehm)

Maybe openSUSE and freeDORA.