SUSEPaste - How to use it

How to Use SUSEPaste

What is SUSEPaste?
A service to host images, text/code

Why Use it and what for?

  • Save making threads really…Long
  • You can post large text or code info that wouldn’t fit in one post
  • No sign up/registration
  • You can post image links where the forum rules might otherwise not permit

This is the URL: SUSE Paste

See how it’s Done!

You can right click and save this video to watch how it’s done:
SUSEPaste HowTo Video

If your multimedia is setup properly it will play in the browser. If you download it, it should play in smplayer or vlc.

Or check this youtube link:
[video=youtube_share;DvjX79_ZpVk]susepaste.mkv - YouTube


  • Remember to select the delete ‘Never’ option

This is a great tip Carl. And SUSE Paste is not just for long posts per say, but good for program listings as well, such as bash scripts. On one script once, it would not work in SUSE Paste and the reason was due to the great number of URL’s listed in it. If you had more than 10 URL’s, it was considered spam or some such thing. I guess I don’t know if that rule still is present or not.

Thank You,