SuSEconfig.texlive modifications

Any suggestions to the following annoyance with SuSEconfig and printing via cups server?

I have my printing done via cups server at work and the server naturally is not visible from the outside world. On the other hand, I do practically all packet management at home. Now, as the SuSEconfig-scripts are run, there is a bit of a problem with the SuSEconfig.texlive part. Starting from line 227 there begins this part about printers:

if type -p lpoptions &>/dev/null && lpstat -r &>/dev/null ; then
    lpopt=($(lpoptions -l 2> /dev/null))

The problem is that, if the cups server is not available, the script hangs at the lpoptions-command for a few minutes. Due to this it’s quite annoying to run the packet manager at home.

One way I’ve used to dodge this is to comment the “ServerName” in /etc/cups/client.conf, but that really is a shining example of an inelegant solution. Thus I’ve been wondering about something more practical. One thing I came up with would be to modify the script to check the network we’re in first (by IP?) and run that part only if I’m at work. However, since I’m not that proficient at scripting, I’d like to get your input on this first and only then go poking around…