Suse12.3 won't boot after clone.

So I have a lot of computers to clone, but struggling at this point of the first one. Cloned suse12.3 with clonezilla. Changed etc/fstab file and don’t really see what should I change in /root/grub2/grub.cfg. Could use help with that aswell. But there is the strange thing. I can’t boot it normal way, but when trying to boot as recovery mode it’s works just fine.

booting normal way it’s shows text : creating nodes with udev. And after all nothing is happening.

I would like some help.


As (by default) disk partitions notations in openSUSE are by-id (from /dev/disk/by-id/), you have either to use another by-… aproach (by-uuid and/or by-label, both are copied with the filesystem and thus with the partition), or you have to change everywhere to the proper id. You may have done that in /etc/fstab (you are very vague on what you did there), but they are also in the GRUB configuration (at least they were in old GRUB, but I guess GRUB2 uses them also) and evn in your initrd.