suse11 internet setup

I downloaded live cd of suse-11 and installed it. now i cant connect to the internet. Error massage says that “smppptd(?) may have started or I may not be a dialout group”.I am part of dial-out group.

D-Link DSL-2500U router
32-bit system
suse-11 KDE

If you ware using D-Link DSL-2500U router, you don’t need to connect to internet via dial-up.
I have read part of DSL-2500U manual. NAT and DHCP functions have been included in this router.

Thanks Bryan

how do I set up the internet connection? I have put in the setting in the router but its not connecting.
(I have not responded earlier bcoz Im the road)

is the router behind a dsl modem?

D-link is a router with a built-in ADSL modem.

Thanks to Bryan

my problem is solved. If you have any challenges connecting to the internet after installing suse11 check out the link below.
I this help you as it did with me.

Bryan technical world: Using pppoe connect to internet (kde or gnome) on openSUSE