suse11 boots to terminal. Only boots to desktop in safe mode

I have a problem which appeared after I logged in as root to copy an iso from my home desktop to a usb flash drive install I was making for booting my msi wind. After logging out as root, I could not log in as my username. Now, I can only boot to the desktop in safe mode. Booting in normal mode just gives me a black screen with a terminal in the top left corner.

I was running kde4.1, but in safe mode, it boots into kde3.

Any ideas how this happened? I did not alter any settings while logged in as root. How can I get everything back to normal? The install is on an acer 7520.

Do you mean you logged in as root in the desktop???

errr, yes. For about 5 minutes while I copied an iso file to a usb drive.

You should do this by either using:

  • Kmenu > System > File Manager > File manager (system manager mode)
  • Doing a **cp **
    command from a console/terminal in system manager (that is root) mode.
  • Any other method that results in being root only for the copying.

See also SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

And btw to be a bit more helpfull (although I do not know what struck you), you do not ‘boot’ into KDE3 (or kde4), you boot into runlevel 5 which brings you to the login screen, which then gives you the change to choose for KDE3/KDE4/GNOME (depends on which of them you installed) in the menu (lower-left). When you do not choose the last used is the default.

So, just as a test, boot in failsafe and choose kde4. See what happens.

Can you explain what you mean by a ‘black screen with a terminal in the top left corner’. Is that a terminal window, or just the console: a black screen with the text 'login: '?

Thanks Henk, but I cannot get to a login screen. This install has been very buggy since I installed kde3.5 and tried to have it and kde4 together. My original install was from the kde4 cd. After installing kde3, the login screen started to appear in german even though I have a en gb install. Now,if I log out, I am dropped to a text login screen. Booting in safe mode brings me to a text login where I have to run startx, so I cannot choose kde4.

The black screen with a terminal (window I guess) in the top left corner is exactly what I get when I try to do a normal boot. Never seen it before in 2 years with linux.