Suse11.1 and Nvidia driver problem

I’ve installed Nvidia driver 177.80 on Suse 11.1. Since I installed Suse 11.1, I have been running a dual boot with Suse 10.2. I have a GeForce 8600GTS card and I was running a 3d application called Celestia. I use the same driver on both 10.2 and 11.1. I was running kde3 on Suse 11.1 and ran Celestia. I went to a large model I built and it brought my system to it’s knees.
It was a complete freeze. When I did get the application closed, it took another minute to recover. I can run the same model on Suse 10.2 smoothly with no problems.

So to summarize, I run the same program, model, driver, hardware on both versions of Suse. On Suse 10.2, it works. On Suse 11.1, it doesn’t.

Since installing Nvidia drivers requires a kernel module, I suspect something is going wrong when the module is built. It may also have something to do with memory but I can’t be sure.

I ran glxinfo and I do have direct rendering enabled.

My machine uses an AMD 64 bit 3200 processor with 4 gb of ram. The video card has 256 mb of ram. I am using openSuse x86_64 10.2 and 11.1.


I decided to give 11.0 a try and that caused bigger problems. But I did have this problem long ago with Suse 9.2. The problem is that my monitor was not recognized. I have a SyncMaster 793MB. It gets reported as a VESA monitor. With 11.0 the horizontal sync is set to a range from 25 to 40. My monitor’s range is from 50 to 70. So when I try to start the “card monitor” in YAST, the screen goes black and nothing happens. When I tried to install 11.0, The manual hardware configuration started and the screen went black and I had to reboot manually. It also went black with no response after trying to enter “init 3”.
All because my monitor had the wrong horizontal sync. I had to use my xorg file in Suse 10.2 to get past this. I didn’t have this problem with 11.1.

I still have problems on 11.0 with the build system just like I did with 11.1 so I’m going to try 10.3. Wish 10.2 was supported longer. I’m gonna miss that system.


I think you gave up on this a little too easily.

I’m sure you should be able to get this running, even if you have to install the driver manually from CLI

I’m afraid that it will damage my video card or CPU. With 11.0, I’m afraid that all these manual reboots will damage my hard drives. I had to power off my computer about 5 or 6 times before I got 11.0 to reboot.

So the 11.1 actually runs OK, it’s just the opening of Celestia?

Check you have removed beagle, if that was thrashing away it could impact things.

There is no way you will damage your hardware the black screen is sax2 starting. Manually rebooting with the power button might damage your file system but not your hardware.
You need the nvidia drivers for 11.1 hace a read here


Sax2 did not start with 11.0 because my settings for the monitor were not set right. I gave up on 11.0. 11.1 gives me other problems. 1. the graphics card is useless even with Nvidia driver 177.82. 2. I can’t build many of the programs I help test and develop.

I tried 10.3 and that hung after I reset the partitioning. So I’m stuck with using 10.2… I’ll just use that offline for now. I’m burnt out on this whole fiasco. Thanks anyhow. Bye.