SUSE working on new base layer for YaST and allied programs (Article at the H Open Source)

In a blog post entitled “YaST++: next step in system management”, SUSE developer Jiří Suchomel has announced a software library which will take care of the low-level work for a range of configuration tools. The intention is not for YaST++ to replace YaST variants based on Qt, GTK+ and ncurses, but to replace the base layer on which these and other configuration tools are built. However, Suchomel notes that it could also be used in other areas, such as WebYaST or SUSE Studio. He hopes that other tools will use the library, including those outside the SUSE ecosystem.

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You are welcome, well see just when this makes it into the mainline and openSUSE 12.2 or just when we will see this.

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I did a post sometime ago about how to add stuff to YaST using YCP, so this would be a shift. You can do a search in these forums for YCP.
Now perhaps you’ll have a better idea of what is going on.

Very Interesting Jonathan. It also makes me wonder about reverse engineering the entries to see what you are really running from YaST?

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