Suse with ubuntu

I run ubuntu on my computer full install and all of hard drive about 400gig drive
i want to try suse11.1 and have downloaded the dvd version about 4.2 gig
is there any way of trying suse with out completely removing ubuntu ,not that good with partition stuff ,i realy just want to insert disk and let it’s do its thing and partition the disk its self
any help
many thanks

The easiest way would be to simply make room for openSUSE from within Ubuntu.

I’m sure Ubuntu has some sort of partitioning tool. If you free up about ~30GB and don’t format it then to the best of my knowledge the openSUSE installer should suggest to format it for you into 2 separate partitions (one for /home/, and one for root, and it will mount Ubuntus swap partition for the same purpose as Ubuntu does).

If you’re not sure if the suggestion it makes is what you want it to be feel free to post a photo or simply the text of its suggestion so someone can confirm in a reply it will work properly.

  • The suggestion is done in Step 6 of the openSUSE DVD Install page Up till step 8 you’re safe and no permanent changes have been made to your system.*

You can’t shrink the partition/s on the hard drive from within Ububtu when it’s running on the hard drive because you can’t shrink a partition that’s part of the running operating system.

You can use the Ubuntu live CD, boot that, open a terminal window and run

sudo gparted

. Then shrink the end partition by the amount of GB that you want to make available for openSUSE.

If you want to boot the Ubuntu on the hard drive and come to these forums and post the results of this command:

sudo fdisk -l

then I could add some extra detail to that advice.