Suse V13.1 boots only in "bottle Kernel Mode"

Dear experts,

in an older thread I believe I found my problem or at least a similar one ( My installation does not boot (probably after an update after working well for many months) the KDE but just offers a “bottle kernel mode” with a CLI.

How do I reinstall the NVIDIA drivers via the “run”-file as described in the referenced thread ? This seemed to help the other guy facing the same problem.


Do you have the run file?

be sure its permissions are set to allow running then as root run it. You will need kernel source and gcc development stuff installed. There are or were detailed instructions on the NVIDIA site.

many thanks for the quick reply. Since I have never installed anything from a CLI please educate me a bit: knowingly I do not have this run file, NVIDIA says the drivers for their cards are included in the standard Suse delivery. Where can I look for this run file on my system ?


I’m confused did you install the NVIDIA driver via the hard way before??

In openSUSE you can install via the NVIDIA repo. But that is different then installing via the .run files from NVIDIA.

The packages from the NVIDIA repo do not generally need reinstalled since there is code to reinstall automatically if a kernel is updated. Not so with the .run file. There you must manually reinstall after any kernel or xorg update.

There are detailed instruction on the NVIDIA site to install via the .run program.

here are the general instruction dealing with NVIDIA cards

You can actually run Yast from the CLI, simply:


It is a bit kludgier-looking, but is mostly the same. Make certain you have the nVidia repository. Then, in the Software Manager, search for nVidia, choose the correct version for your card, and install.

many thanks for your answers, I will try the Yast from the CLI (I never thought it would be that simple)

until now I only installed the system via the GUI


Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.:wink:

interestingly yesterday the KDE decided to start again (without me knowingly having done anything), I tried the Yast from CLI to update the system and it works just fine, many thanks for this hint

but if I get a Kernel update sometime and the NVIDIA driver decides not to cooperate: how can I specifically install this driver from scratch ?


Boot to command line and install via yast or zypper