Suse updates

I have Suse Enterprise 10 installed on my machine and was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to work the online updates (I have a one year subscription). After going into yast->software->online update a list of patches is populated. It appears that all these patches are already installed as they all have a blue check box next to them. If this is so, how do I get the online update program to show me only new patches. Also, why are some patches red, others blue, and yet others black?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Red patches are securit updates,blue are recomended.Black are not be installedfor your system.The update icon means that pathes will be installed and that those applications will be updated.They are not updated yet,so press install or continue to install those pathes…
Now if u are sure u have already installed them,then u have enter the option “show installed and instalable patches”.Change it to “show installable patches” only

Yes, I am definitely sure that they are all installed because they all have a blue check box next to them which when I look in the symbols overview help it says “Keep - This package is already installed. Leave it untouched.” When I go into the overview help, it says “This list normally contains only those patches that are not installed on your system yet. You can change that with the include installed patches check box below the list.”, which is pretty much what you said. This confuses me though because this check box is nowhere to be found. See below: