suse updater issues?

when updater checks for updates and there are some (today for example) i popup info balloon telling me if i want to install. I choose yes, but it doesn’t install anything, instead popup window shows up again telling me that new updates are available. And if i choose to install again (after filling in passwd) it gives me that popup again…and that’s all.
anyone having same issue? is it a bug and should be reported?


uncheck the box that says remember my password or something like that and try again :slight_smile:

I think the box snakeeyes mentions is not there since you are using the applet.

Now the applet is broken.

Start YaST > Online Update to install the security updates that were signaled by the applet.

And yes, it is a bug see, and the responsible person does not seem to take it serious, so we have to live with for some time I am afraid. :frowning:

i update my system by zypper -dup.

is doing updates from yast better? (and is yes why?)

I think this is mostly a personal question. I started using YaST when I started using SUSE. In the meantime I know that a thing named zipper exists, but I still do not use it, but the GUI frontend in YaST.

You will see others doing everything with zipper.

yeah, i just use “Install Software” now since the annoying issue with the updater applet reared it’s ugly head.

i’d say forget yast2 at all and the tray applet even more so. zypper is all you need and quite on par with yum/apt/pacman. I do not like yast at all and what always strikes me as strange that when I update opensuse I have three options (yast,zypper,tray applet) and none of them display the same set of updates available.

zypper dup


Hard to infer the exact cause of different update sets without being at your system, but the -dup option does use a totally separate update algorithm from either YaST or the tray applet.

I think we are talking about different things now. The original question imho was about the applet. The applet warns about security updates, things that are in the update repository. YaST > Online Update does the same. There is no doubt you can do the same using zipper, but I can not tell you how.

The other thing is that in several repos (like KDE, nvidia, etcd) there may be newer versions of software. I download them using YaST > Software Management and then selecting all software or from a specific repo and then right click in the list choosing All in this List > Update when a newer version is available. I suppose this is (about?) the same as zipper dup or so (again I never used zipper from the CLI so details mea be wrong).

I think we should not embarrass kartveli by mixing these two types of update. I strongly advise to do the security ones. The other ones are up to you (and at your own risc).

More words about update applet:
I can’t use it at all.
After selecting packages to update it stops working with error in kdesu :frowning:
System: 11.0, KDE: 4.1beta

This was on 10.3 and KDE 3. And you are maybe talking aboout a differet aplet (I am not sure). You better make a new thread about this your new problem.

after last update with zypper THIS bug was solved. (?)
But there are so many others :frowning:
And I don’t have KDE3 at all, only KDE4.1

I repeat!

Do not add your problem to a different problem! Make a new thread!

Changes that anybody will try to help you with your problem when it is hidden in another peoblem are minimal imho, they will not see it.

This really needs fixing!!