SuSE to SuSE remote desktop

What would be the preferred method to establish a remote desktop session from one 11.2 machine to another 11.2 machine in the same location? No firewalls, local connection only. I’ve looked at VNC, RDP with xrdp, have not been able to establish a session to desktop. I would rather not use desktop sharing if possible, don’t want invitations involved. Want something similar to hitting from Windows with VNC32 and taking over the established desktop session. This is in my house, no security risks involved. TIA.

Desktop on both is KDE 4.4.1

NX server, either from Nomachine NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software or freenx from RemoteDesktop repo : FreeNX Server HOWTO - openSUSE

Okay. Got it setup, along with rdesktop and expect. Free NX client installed, I launch from run command, “qtnx”. I enter username, password, destination hostname and leave configuration default to test. When I click connect I get a popup asking for password again. This repeats three times, disappears and then connection GUI basically locks up, saying in lower left “Process started”.
Not sure what might be wrong, I looked at nxserver and added my username on both machines (since either may be host, depending on which room I’m in).

I don’t know qtnx. You can use freenx server and nxclient from nomachine. That’s what most people do.
NoMachine NX - Download: NX Client for Linux
Have a look at that Mandriva wiki page on how to setup the client:
Freenx - Mandriva Community Wiki

Of course, ssh should be running on the server computer.

Actually NX is very nice, so nice that I forgot to tell you that is not needed at all … but it is nice. Linux is by design a network operating system (unlike Windows). So you can login on any computer in your lan (or in the world) and sit in front of any other one. To do that you have to enable tcpip (xdmcp) in your session manager (xdm,kdm or gdm) and issu a X -query on the client. If you’re using kdm (which comes with Kde desktop) you should have “Enable=true” in the [Xdmcp] section of /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc . It might be possible to set up that in YaST (like many other things in openSUSE).

Xrdp works well in 11.1 but not at all in 11.2.

VNC works well in both 11.x

There’s a bit about VNC here if you can’t sort nx: TightVNC (VNC Xvnc) on openSUSE as Client or Server (Remote Desktop Connections)

What does not work in 11.2?

Sorry for being unclear. I meant xrdp server doesn’t serve, or have I missed a development since I couldn’t get it to work?

I don’t know about xrdp. FreeNX 0.7.2 from openSUSE RemoteDesktop repo does serve KDE and Gnome session but cannot handle xdmcp requests correctly. FreeNX 0.7.3 is OK. Nomachine is OK too but limited to one (or two) connection(s).

Sorry, qtnx is what was installed from openSuSE through software management when I chose freenx-client. I followed your link and installed the NoMachine NX Client, it is superior to the open source choice above. Looked at nxserver and realized I neglected to do the --passwd step, fixed that on both machines. Changed connection on NX Client to ADSL and everything works. Thanks for your help and thanks to everyone else who offered other options.