SUSE the right choice?

I have a desktop and laptop. The desktop is running Microsoft Windows 7. The laptop is running an expired beta of Windows 7.

Given that I pretty much just browse the web on the laptop, I do not want to purchase for Windows 7 for it, and instead want to load a free OS on it.

My question concerning SUSE is setting up a wireless network connection. Is it something that can be easily walked-through here through forum assistance. I have no experience using any Linux distribution.

Further, not crucial, but something I would like to do is share files between the two systems, is this difficult?

Your question is to generic. Could you provide some hard ware information such as what model is the laptop.

Also, you could try and download a live-cd and boot from it. This will allow you to test drive the operating system without installing it. It should at least show you what will work out of the box i.e. without further tinkering and stuff.

Ones OpenSUSE is installed it should allow you to access files stored within windows but you will find it hard to do this the other way around.

empcoth … some wireless “just works” and others is a “royal pain” and some does not work. Situation varies significantly. One really needs the precise details on your wireless hardware.

Its easy for average users and can be puzzling for new. Are the two systems both Linux? Is one Windows and one Linux ? How are they physically connected ?

You could try out some of the openSUSE liveCDs … … select 32-bit or 64-bit (dependant on your hardware) and select “Live KDE”. and download the iso file, burn it at the slowest speed your burner allows (don’t forget to compare the md5sum first before burning). Then boot to the live CD and play, without installing anything.

Thats the beauty of a liveCD.

“KDE Four Live” CD](

you might consider reading through some of our documentation…this
might be very interesting for you:

thanks for looking at openSUSE, many here think it is the best Linux
distro anywhere…it suits me, but it may not you…go slowly, step
by step, read a lot because there is a LOT to learn…

i’ve not using MS software since 1995 and i guess if you stick here
you will see why i like openSUSE, not because it is free, but because
it is better AND i have full control of MY machine…