Suse Studio - Operating System Error

I’ve created an OS with Suse Studio. I’ve finally got the OS to run on an Acer Aspire One Beta Testing laptop. The USB stick can be plugged in and the os starts fine. After all of that a green windows appears and says ‘Loading Kernel’ and a green progress bar races to the end of the screen. Here comes the problem though! After 5 minutes of waiting for all of that to work it gives me some messages:

  1. Write Protect is Off
  2. read cache enabled doesn’t support dpo or fua
  3. failed to find mbr identifier!
  4. rebootexception: reboot in 120 sec…
    please help! thanks!

As there is a SUSE Studio forum in DEvelopment, this will be moved there and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Install/Boot/Login and open again.