SuSE (SLE15 SP4) HPC freezes/locks up during boot up after the grub menu

I have a SLE question. I manage an Ada Supercomputer made by Symmetric Computing at my work. Here is their website: It runs SUSE Enterprise 15 SP4 (HPC). It will start the boot process just fine. It will go to the grub menu and automatically select the boot operating system, SLE15_SP4, and during the boot up, if you hit the ESC key, it shows the text mode boot up process and there are not any errors at all, however, when it gets to [OK] Started User Login Management, it will freeze every time and will not do anything. You cannot hit ESC and go back to the loading screen withe Logo, access tty or anything. During the text boot up, the terminal cursor blinks, once it freezes on Login User Management, after a few seconds, the cursor even disappears. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • If you’re running SLE then, there’s usually a maintenance contract.
    Please, contact the SUSE Support staff.

Further to @dcurtisfra 's comment, the forums for SLE are avaialble at - while they are related, SUSE and openSUSE are different enough that you’ll want to ask over in the Rancher (SUSE) community.

@hendersj the correct link is

Interesting - I got to the destination using (which is where they used to be). Weird that it doesn’t redirect to the community site instead.

Thanks for the update.

@hendersj go figure, no wonder there are so many posts and zero replies…

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Did you try waiting any length of time before trying Alt-F3 or Alt-F10, maybe 10-20 minutes? Did you try booting in safe mode to check if there is freespace on /?

I did that. I let it set overnight. However, I did find a remedy. The problem was the device mapping was corrupted. That was like due to the power outage. That is why it would partially boot, and then just freeze without errors. It did not give errors because it had no idea what to do or were to go. As if someone removed the “road” halfway to a destination. I burned a fresh iso and repaired the boot partition that way.

Thank you for everyone’s input. I know that rancher is the offical SUSE board, but there was a hold on my account due to it being new and they removed that hold yesterday, which was no help. So I figured since they were similar enough I would use this one. Thank you again, the issue has been resolved.