SuSE silently overriding KDE password settings

Hi. I’ve posted this question in the “boot/login” forum already (Passwordless Login Problem - openSUSE Forums), but since it’s KDE-specific it would seem this place is more appropriate. It’s about the KDE3 password options in KDE Control Center. You can set specific users to have a passwordless login there, so they may log in to their accounts by simply clicking on their names on the welcome screen. Well, as far as I can tell, these settings get silently overridden by SuSE’s YAST. Namely, in YAST you can either select passworded login for all or passwordless login for all (and that includes root, mind you!). No granularity whatsoever. Does anybody have any idea as to how to prevent this from happening? And I don’t mean finding a workaround, but actually preventing this behaviour and making the KDE Control Center settings stick?:confused:

Hullo? Anyone?:eek:

This utter silence speaks volumes.:confused:

Yes but u can set access rights to users.
So all users with a password or all users without a password its the same thing.
The thing that changes really is the rights that these users have.U can limit the access of the users by simply adding/removing them form specific groups.So even if a user can loggin without a password he can do absolutelly nothing if u dont permit it.
Play with group access for a while.It does not seem to be a security issue here.More than a user management/administration.

If this is waht you are talking about…