Suse sees RAID where there is none

Hi, I’m trying to install opensuse 11 but it sees raid and there is none! Once upon a time I had raid set up, but no more… It’s disabled in bios and the hdds are reformated and all…

My mobo is a nforce 550 Abit nf7… Any ideas what could be the cause?

are you talking about in the partition setup?
You can have saftware based raid’s (called LVM in Suse)

Depending on your bios, you may have an option to set the raid controller in IDE mode or it may refer to this by selecting disable.

How did you disable the raid?

Simply by not adding anything to a raid array or by above methods?

when i added a SATA drive to my 10.3 box it was invisible until i
selected raid…

perhaps v 11 is ‘seeing’ your SATA hard drive, and calling it RAID??


I have RAID disabled in bios… both the raid option set to “disabled” and raid boot rom set to disabled.

It doesn’t see my hard drives… it lists my hard drives as part of raid (which it calls nvidia mapper or something like that)…and the partitions are not displayed… it thinks it’s wiped clean…

I tried clearing cmos… enabling the raid and disabling again… I really don’t understand why Suse sees it… when i decided to let go of raid, I wiped my hard drives and disabled the option in bios…created partitions, reinstalled Vista (it saw right away the drives out of raid), and now trying to set up suse 11 but it won’t play nice… got the last bios update… aargh!! :frowning: