Suse Release Updates, how

i only once upgrade from a previous version to a newer version on Ubuntu. It basicaly required me to reinstall the system. Perhaps that was my fault, not sure.
But in general, do you just upgrade over Yast and its done, or do you reinstall the system.
I am having a problem to comprehend the impact of an upgrade really. I know there is a lot of changes, but not really clear on how to do best.
I have Linux running so far for about a year, but like i said, only once upgrade it.

It can be done any number of ways. Change the repositories and update or down load CD/DVD and do an update.

IMO it is a bad idea to update to new versions. Do a new install and tell the installer NOT to format the home partition to preserve your settings and personal data.

BTW you did not say what you are updating from.

If you have a standard openSUSE installation with a /home partition and you haven’t changed any system files, then all you need to do is back up /home and any mysql databases you have and install the latest version.

Unless you have an urgent need for this, you may be better off waiting for 11.3.