Suse, PS3 and Wii

I wonder if someone could please help!
I’m wanting to set up a “media centre server” for someone so they can watch movies etc on their PS3 or Wii.

As I do not own either (awwwww) I have no idea where to begin!
A friend said that it’s not a straight forward Samba share but something else (which I didn’t catch). Now he has gone off on holiday (how dare he?!) I can’t just re-ask him!

I was considering using a suse 11 install for the server (running in init 3) or perhaps freenas or a.n.other distro. Having become accustom to suse I would like to stay with it if possible.

I was also thinking of providing them with a ready built NAS like the buffalo Linkstation I have but again, having no experience with PS3 or Wii LAN setup etc, I can’t be sure it would work.

I was suggested to try MediaTomb for the PS3 but this still leaves the Wii question un-answered.

Please see my response to your other thread.

mediatomb is a UPNP compatible media server for Linux. You can serve video (really any file/audio etc.) to Xbox360, PS3, VLC, or any device/app supporting the protocol.

Last I checked my Wii didn’t stream video, but I know there’s some sort of off-the-shelf media player you can buy. If this addon exists and streams video, you’re likely ok with the above stated UPNP server.