suse-prime on external monitor flickering windows

I running the nice suse-prime. Wonderful performance :slight_smile:

But when I connect an external monitor on the VGA port the update is delayed somehow. The windows are divided into two trianglars, one upper left and one down right and when scrolling or typing they update irregular so that new characters not displayed until after next is typed, so that the screen is one character behind. But not always, just sometimes.
Watching videos gives this effect “all the time”. But that’s maybe because that the window is updated all the time so it is easy to see.

This occurs on the internal screen also after external screen is or been connected.

NO problem when running on internal from start.
Not flickering all the screen.

KDE Plasma 5.5.5-9.1
suse-prime 0.1-28.1
nVidia 361.28-33.1