Suse / Parallels


I’m new to all this so apologies if this is actually a parallels4 issue and not a suse one :expressionless:

I’ve downloaded the Suse Live CD yesterday and I’l trying to install it on my iMac which had lots of HD space and lots of spare memory etc …

When I run the install it gets “Boot-Logging started” then won’t mount the filesystem, which causes it to reboot. I can’t see that anyone else has had this problem but the Mac is completely standard, I recently reinstalled everything on it too so it’s close to the original state it started in.

I just can’t figure out what’s causing this - please see image for a screen grab of the bit that’s crashing …

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks !

Welcome Mac user, you are gonna LOVE openSUSE!

But, are you certain that the Live CD is good?

Have you read how to make certain at
(it is LONG, read it all and save yourself a LOT of time repairing

But, most folks here recommend you install for the full DVD. There
are MANY posts here of folks that had problems installing from the
CD, that then had to use the DVD to get it right.

AND note: Many Many folks consider KDE 4 to be gettin’ better but
STILL BETA software (while either GHOME or KDE 3.5 is stable and swift).