Suse or Microsoft?

Well you said it yourself that openSUSE is better than MS. There are a couple of options you could do:

  1. Try to fix the problems. I know that when something doesn’t work it’s very frustrating, but if you manage to fix them, then it will be a really great experience. I had a lot of trouble with openSUSE in the past. But for the first time in years now I’m thinking of completely switching to it.
  2. Try different linux distros. See what works for you better.
  3. If you saw that openSUSE 10.3 works the best for your hardware, then stick with it. It’s life cycle ends a month before
    the release of openSUSE 11.2(ain’t that convenient?).
  4. As for Windows 7…well let’s just put it this way: I’m very skeptical about it. It’s too good to be true. Some colleagues have RC installed, and well I’m not too impressed. It seems to be a patched up Vista, and the difference in speed isn’t quite that extraordinary.

Just a quick contribution as I started this one rolling…

As I type, we are up to Suse 11.2 RC2 (which I haven’t tried) and the final release will be available in less than 2 weeks. What I have seen so far of RC1 is superb and makes up for all the hardship of the many milestones of past months. It looks like Suse 11.2 will be for me. So I think it will be goodbye MS Windoze Home Premium, (I won’t be buying Windows 7 as this should be a free handout after the Vista debacle) and hello again good old Suse.

Thanks should really go to all those who have obviously worked very hard this year to get Suse right again. Yes, definitely thanks.
Regards to all.

I’m not surprised you had problems after XP, Vista was more flash than real power IMHO. I’ve been working in the industry since before the first PC (pre circa 1980). M$ scaled down XP to create Vista. It was so badly scaled back that users had no end of problems with damaged drivers preventing multi-media, games, networking, etc from working. Windows 7 by all reports is targeted at only fixing existing Vista problems, further cuts applications (Windows Mail for one), adds the ability to shut off most of Internet explorer in North America, and totally removes it in the UK. With Windows 7 you will not get the full functionality you had with XP but you will get most of the flash found in Vista. You have to decide if Flash is more important than production. Something you should be aware of regarding Windows XP is that it passed into end of life in April 2009 which means you will likely not be able to reactive it or may have to waite to reactive it once Microsoft makes up it’s mind as to whether or not they will release a reactivation key for it. On this note, Microsoft claims it is also marking Vista End of life in 1 days time which may mean the same for this OS. Like I say be aware of this, so your not caught off guard. Systems already running XP or Vista can continue until 2014 unless something happens to force reactivation.

As for going with any Unicee, you are not in the Windows world.
Linux is a Unicee type OS. Much of what you have indicated as criteria failings are directly tied to hardware configuration rather than Kernel failures or Desktop GUI failings. And as stated, there are many of us here who are willing to help you resolve such issues one at a time.

Hope you find the correct resolve whether it be the Microsoft way, openSUSE (vers) or another Distro. It can be noted, that although official support ends on versions, if you got the original CD/DVD used to install your distro, you may always install/reinstall the version of your liking even after it is no longer supported.

good luck:\