Suse Or Mandriva

Hello everybody,
I was an ubuntu user for 2 years. I had some problem with ubutu and I migrated to Mandriva 1 year ago. at the moment I have no problem with mandriva except lack some software. I mean I could not install some software on Mandriva. Now I have decided to migrate to Susu. I want the variety of softwares in suse is more than Mandriva?
In particular I want to have some computational softwares like freefem and Fenics on my computer. I could not install these in Mandriva.
Also the suspend-resume for laptop is very important for me. Does this feature work perfectly in Susu?

Thank you for help

Welcome to openSUSE community.
And it is openSUSE not susu.

Lastly i am not sure about that softwares, am sure some one will answer that for you.

I do not use Mandriva, so I can not comment on a comparison. A web site you can go to in order to do searches for pre-compiled/packaged rpms for openSUSE is Webpin

I did a brief search on these and found no rpms built. You may be forced to build from source code, which could be difficult or easy, dependent on your Linux experience and the nature of how easy the developer(s) has made such compilation.

The fenics web site here: Download - The FEniCS project has some custom method for building fenics for various distributions, including openSUSE. It may be hard or difficult.

The freefem web site here: and here: Freefem++ Home Page (7-november-2005) with no reference to an rpm for openSUSE, only a link to a freefem+±3.6.tar.gz that would need to be downloaded and custom compiled, which may or may not be difficult.

I assume you mean openSUSE, and not SLED, nor SLES, nor Susu (I’ve never heard of “Susu” ) . Reference “suspend-resume” it works for some laptops and not for others. You need to search on your own laptop. There is some outdated information here: HCL/Laptops - openSUSE

Some basic openSUSE concepts are here: Concepts - openSUSE

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No not really. The commonly used repos on Mandriva (main, contrib and plf - the Mandriva packman equivalent) contain 19481 packages in Mandriva 2009.1:

urpmq --excludemedia="Main Updates (Official2009.1-2)","Contrib Updates","Non-free Updates" --list | wc -l

I’ve mirrored the 32-bit packages from the common opensuse 11.2 repos (oss, non-oss, packman and vlc) in preparation for switching to opensuse when 11.2 is released:

find oss/ -type f  | wc -l
find non-oss/ -type f  | wc -l
find packman/ -type f | wc -l
find vlc/ -type f | wc -l

total 12,770

The difference is however somewhat made up by the Opensuse Build Service

In particular I want to have some computational softwares like freefem and Fenics on my computer. I could not install these in Mandriva.

freefem seems available in the package repos in Mandriva:

urpmq --sources freefem

Head over to Easy Urpmi and setup the package repositories on Mandriva, and then use the software installer. I can’t see fenics though.

Actually more accurate numbers for opensuse 11.2 would be (after re-syncing the repos just then):
find oss/ -type f | grep .rpm$ | wc -l
find non-oss/ -type f | grep .rpm$ | wc -l
find packman -type f | grep .rpm$ | wc -l
find vlc -type f | grep .rpm$ | wc -l

And looking at opensuse 11.1 it looks like packman should get to around 5000 32-bit packages eventually. is not enough for you? I find it more than enough, and the 1 - Click Install options, that adds also the repos, is amazing!!